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Friday, March 12, 2004

Well, i have to admit that volleyball has gotten a lot better. Passing is fun, and smack-talking is even better. I've noticed no one really updates anymore, what's with that? I guess those people have lives now. Yep, good timez. 3rd period is boring right now, so i decided to write a little, and here i am. Happy Birthday Aaron!!! Happy Birthday Allan!!! Happy Birthday to anyone i forgot. School still sucks, but what can you do. I think that all my posse needs to go to Faria beach and camp a night out there, it would be lots of fun. I'm thinking this next friday.
I really want school to end, but i still want to hang out with my friends. This month is when the acceptance letters from the big universities come. I wonder where i was accepted???
I plan on making my truck tight. I plan on adding: two 12 inch Infinity subwoofers with a nice amp, Toyota headers, a flowmaster, and a cold air intake system. I figure it'll colt about $1900, so i better be saving. Meanwhile im almost done paying off the truck ding.

Daniel wrote this crap at 11:04 AM

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Hope you like the music, you crazy bitches!!!! Im trying to revamp my site, it'll take some fuckin time since the freakin damn photobucket shit isn't emailing to me, those dumb bastards, they better give up the goods!!!!

Daniel wrote this crap at 12:02 AM

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Yyyyyeeaahhhhh. Woo hoo, what an interesting week. Is it me, or are all the teachers trying to cram in more homework before the big finals. Especially, Mrs. Smith, the vocabualry Nazi. Assigning 40 vocab words in one week, dayymm. Anywyas, my weekend went good, got to spend some time with my chola. Waz up girl!!!! hehe, jk. Anyways, well, g2g, see you peeps later. Wooo workin at In and Out

Daniel wrote this crap at 11:28 PM

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Well, for those of you who do not know, i have a girlfriend, and her name is Iliana (O.k, it's out). Nacole is pissed at me for reasons that are not to be discussed because it is a private matter. I've talked to different people, and from what they said was sorta, but not completely the truth, thats all i'll say about that.

I have started my low carb diet for volleyball season, that and i weigh like 20 more pounds than i did over the summer-- damn. I got an email from the coach about what i need to do to play for the University of the Pacific. I have be able to jump to about 11+ feet, shouldn't be too hard-- yeah, actually, it will. I should be getting in the weight room more often, like after school now, cuz i really want to play college ball more than anything. If you find a hobby, go for it, and be the best at what you have...

Wow, all i can think about now is Nacole and that whole chirade, but im not going to gossip over the internet, even though i'd like to clear my name of anything that would make me a jackass, cuz i know there are people who think that about the subject.

Is it just me, or does Iliana have a midget fetish? And what the hell is up with that faggot that keeps writin crap about people, i hope you die a slow horrible death, cuz your jacked up with the things you say? Ever occur it might be hurtful to people, get a life you stupid witch with a b!!!!!!!
P.S. I keep seeing this on blogs, so i decided to join:
Mood: Pissed
Song: Damn!
Underwear: Hanes
Toothpaste: Colgate

Daniel wrote this crap at 7:15 PM

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Well, im sick right now, at least i think so. My head hurts, and i feel wozzy, and i beat lladie and allan at pool today. I beat em bad too, but hey, its a good night for me i guess, im sure tomorrow they will beat me or something, cuz its easy to win online. Anyways, UC applications are dues next sunday if i believe, and im freakin out. I also didn't get how to do my Calc hmwk, so umm, who knows, lol. Nacole does not have trashy hair!!!! She is too, ummm, crazy to not have trashy hair, if that means anything, lol, just rambling. Anyways,im sick and i was going to the store to get cough medicine, and i say McDonalds, and i remembered Dion, and how we were dancin to hip hop music... i love hip hop music, its pretty dope. You know who uses the word dope, Juan does, and its hella cool. He ditched with Lyan yesterday, which was surprising to me, cuz thats not Juan, well, i hope he stays on track. Speaking of track, i was thinking of doing track but i don't wanna, cuz its boring, and i like cool stuff, like mind things, which some people think i have ADD, and i say to them "i don't" and then i walk off. To think some people have the nerve to say that. People in general are crazy, so are people who drive in LA traffic... did i mention i hate driving with Jackasses. It sucks. What also sucks is that im sick!

Daniel wrote this crap at 10:33 PM

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Been a while, but Nacole told me to update, so here i am. Umm, nothing much has gone on, i have done nothing, been nowhere, and seen only my friends. It was been the most unproductive month ever, and speakin of, i have a party in 3 days, and the backyard is still a mess, what will i do????????!!!! Well, thats all imma say right now, have to much crap to do

Daniel wrote this crap at 3:35 PM

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Im tired, been workin on part of my personal essay. I went to see Matrix Revolution, and it was pretty damn good, but i think imma have to see it again, cuz it was a little confusing at the end. I won't spoil it for everyone, but after you watch the movie, i said to myself: "Shit happens" So when you see that movie, remember the quote "Shit happens" and it will totally make sense.
On a lighter note, i hope that Arnold takes away that car registration fee, because if he doesn't, he is a lying SOB (sorry Iliana, i know you want to have his babies, but i had to diss him). I know he doesn't get into office until the 17 or 18th or something, but he better, or i'll be mad, but other than that, its all gravy!!!

Daniel wrote this crap at 11:04 PM